Exercise: Schedule an Appointment

Exercise Scenario

Susan Sharp has an emergency shut off, and wants an appointment with you.   She is ready to schedule an appointment and would like one tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. if possible.

Use the Bridges Scheduling function to schedule an appointment and view an Appointment Notice for Susan using the information below.


Case Number

Susan’s Case  Number from your Case Data Sheet

Employee User ID

Your Training User ID  (e.g., specialist001, specialist050) from the Case Data Sheet

Expected Result

Bridges Message: Single appointment for the given data created successfully.


Tips for this Exercise:

• You can schedule appointments directly from Left Navigation, or by clicking the center section of your Bridges Calendar.

• Bridges can automatically generate Appointment Letters for the client. You can print them locally, or send them to Central Print, as long as the appointment date is at least 4 business days from the current date.


Click here for the Bridges Wizard: Schedule an Appointment:


Step-by-Step Instructions to Schedule an Appointment:

1. On Left Navigation, select Scheduling, and then select Schedule Appointment.

The Schedule Appointment page displays.

2. Complete the Schedule Appointment section.

Appointment: Application

Single or Multiple Appt: Single

Date: Use tomorrow’s date

Associated Office(s): Training Office 1

Begin Time: 9:00am

End Time: 10:00am

3. Complete the Case Information and Employee Information sections.

Case or Application #: Enter Susan’s Case Number (from your Case Data Sheet).

Click the Add icon plussign.jpg  to add the Case Number to the Selected Case/App Num(s) field.

Available Employee(s): Click the down arrow to see the list of available Specialists. Select the Specialist whose number matches yours.

Note: Use the Search icon magglass.jpg  to look up the User ID if you can’t find it in the list.

• Click the Add icon   to save the Specialist’s name to the Selected Employee(s) field.

4. Complete the Appointment Information section.

Appointment Status: Defaults to Not Scheduled

Appointment Type: In-Person

Print Status: Local Print (because the appointment is less than 3 days away).



You have the following print options for the Appointment Letter:

Don’t Print – an appointment notice will not be sent.

Local Print – the appointment notice will automatically open in an Adobe Reader window so you can preview it. Click the Print icon in Adobe Reader to print it in your office.

Central Print – an appointment notice will be sent overnight from the Consolidated Print Center. This option can only be selected if the appointment date is at least 4 business days away.


Appointment Title / Description: Enter the title of the appointment you’d like to display when you view the Appointment Details; example: Sharp FIP/FAP/LIF Intake

5. Enter any Comments about the appointment that you would like to send to the client.

Example: Susan, please call me if you have questions about what to bring with you to the appointment.



The Comments you enter will be printed on the client’s Appointment Letter.


6. Click Submit.

The Schedule Appointment page will refresh, and the message “Single Appointment for the given data created successfully” will appear at the top of the page confirming that the appointment has been scheduled.

7. Because we selected the Local Print option, the Appointment Notice will open in an Adobe Reader window. View the letter for accuracy, and then print it in your office.

Please do not print the letter in the training center!



When you need to print an Appointment Letter in your office, use the Print icon on the Adobe Reader toolbar to print it from a local printer.

iconprint.jpg Adobe Reader Print icon

Documents do not automatically print when you choose “Local Print.” You must take this extra step.


8. To confirm that the appointment was scheduled, navigate to your Bridges Calendar (e.g., specialist001, specialist025, etc.):

On Left Navigation, select Scheduling, and then select View My Calendar.

9. Click on tomorrow’s date on the monthly calendar on the right.

The View Employee Calendar page displays.




If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, update the appointment status to maintain an online history of every appointment that has been scheduled for an application or case.

You will be able to add comments about why an appointment was changed for auditing purposes.

Do not use the trash can icon! trash.jpg

This will automatically set the appointment status to canceled, and you will not be able to indicate why it was canceled.