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Each manual group has a Bulletin Log that summarizes changes. Each manual has a table of contents which links to items. Some manual groups have a Glossary that defines policy terms.  If you experience access problems, see the Acrobat Instructions below for help.
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Adult Services  Bridges Policy (Food, Medical, Child Care & Cash)  Child & Family Services  Child Support   Community Resource
Contract Policy  Crime Codes Exhibit Early On  Interstate Compact  Juvenile Justice Field Services   Juvenile Justice Residential
Native American Affairs  Rates for Child Care Institutions and Placement Agencies  Reference Manuals
Services General Requirements  State Emergency Relief  

Adult Services  Updated 01/02/2015
Bulletin Log (ASB)     Glossary (ASG)     Mobile (ASM)
Adult Services (ASM)
Bridges Policy  Updated 01/02/2015
(Food, Medical, Child Care & Cash)
Bulletin Log (BPB)     Glossary (BPG)     Mobile (BAM)
Bridges Administrative Manual (BAM)
Mobile (BEM)
Bridges Eligibility Manual (BEM)
Children's Services
Adoption Services  Updated 04/01/2014 Adoption Subsidy Updated 01/02/2014
Bulletin Log (ADB)     Glossary (ADG)     Mobile (ADM)    Policy Aid
Adoption Services Manual (ADM)
Bulletin Log (AAB)     Mobile (AAM)    Policy Aid
Adoption Subsidy Manual (AAM)
Children's Foster Care  Updated 03/02/2015 Child Guardianship Updated 08/01/2014   
Bulletin Log (FOB)    Policy Aid   Mobile (FOM)
Children's Foster Care Manual (FOM)
Bulletin Log (GDB)      Glossary (GDG)     Policy Aid    Mobile (GDM)
Child Guardianship Manual (GDM)
Children's Protective Services  Updated 03/02/2015 Interstate Compact Updated 04/17/2014
Bulletin Log (PSB)    Policy Aid   Mobile (PSM)    
Children's Protective Services Manual (PSM)
Bulletin Log (ICB)     Policy Aid
Interstate Compact Manual (ICM)
Juvenile Justice Field services  Updated 03/02/2015 Juvenile Justice Residential  Updated 09/02/2014
Bulletin Log (JJB)     Glossary (JJG)     Policy Aid     Mobile (JJM)
Juvenile Justice Program (JJ1)
JJ Roles & Responsibilities (JJ2)
Offense Codes & DNA Profile Codes (JJ3)
Youth Placement (JJ4)
Agency Diversion & Support Services (JJ5)
Family & Youth Services (JJ6)
JJ Residential Placement (JJ7)
DHS Residential Programs (JJ8)
Appendices (JJA)
Bulletin Log (JRB)     Glossary (JRG)     Policy Aid     Mobile (JRM)
Overview (JR0)
Administration & Support Services (JR1)
Resident Programs (JR2)
Health Services (JR3)
Education (JR4)
Safety & Security (JR5)
Behavioral Management (JR6)

Rates Updated 03/09/2015
Rates for Child Care Institutions and Placement Agencies
Child Support  
Michigan IV-D Child Support Manual Updated 01/23/2015 Policy Manuals Updated 03/06/2015
Michigan IV-D Child Support Manual
The Office of Child Support is in the process of moving all policy from the policy manuals and Action Transmittals (ATs) to the new Michigan IV-D Child Support Manual. During the transition to the new manual, some policy information will still be available in the policy manuals and ATs. When there is a conflict between these sources on a given topic, the Michigan IV-D Child Support Manual takes precedence. To research child support policy, look for your topic first in the new manual, then the ATs, then the policy manuals.
Child Support (CSM)  Bulletin (CSB)
Combined IV-D Policy (4DM)  Bulletin Log (4DB)
Friend of the Court (FOC)  Bulletin Log (FCB)
Prosecuting Attorney (PAH)  Bulletin (PAB)
Community Resource  Updated 06/07/2013
Bulletin Log (CRB)      Glossary (CRG)
Community Resource (CRM)
Contract Policy  Updated 04/01/2014
Bulletin Log (CPB)    
Contract Policy Manual (CPM)
Crime Codes Exhibit  Updated 09/18/2014
Crime Codes  
Early On ®  Updated 08/01/2014
Bulletin Log (EOB)      
Native American Affairs  Updated 05/05/2014
Bulletin Log (NAB)     Glossary (NAG)
Indian Outreach Services (IOS)
Native American Affairs (NAA)
Tribal Agreements (TAM)
Reference Manuals  Updated 02/03/2015
Bulletin Log (RFB)
Schedules (RFS)

Tables (RFT)
Services General Requirements  Updated 12/02/2013
Bulletin Log (SRB)     Glossary (SRG)
Services Requirements Manual (SRM)
State Emergency Relief  Updated 02/03/2015
Bulletin Log (ERB)     Glossary (ERG)     Mobile (ERM)
State Emergency Relief Manual (ERM)
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